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1st Sep 2020

6 Ideal Blinds for Office Environments

Windows without a covering or window treatment might bring in a lot of light, but with that light comes an assortment of otherwise avoidable problems. And […]
1st Aug 2020

How to Save Energy with your Blinds

Well, what are energy-saving blinds? To answer this seemingly simple question, we first need to establish what energy we’re talking about and why we need to […]
2nd Jul 2020

Room Series: Entertainment, Recreation & More

Over the last few months, in our Room Series, we’ve covered all of the crucial rooms in a home and which window treatments suit each best. […]
2nd Jun 2020
Executive Blinds

Room Series: Living Room

According to Bitty Boutique Furniture, the purpose and function of a living room are threefold: to entertain guests and socialise to relax and enjoy oneself to […]